A Better Way To Change

We are passionate about change

We are consulting experts and industry leaders

We are handpicked teams who solve business problems

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We create change

If you need an injection of high quality, specialist change skills, on a short-term basis, we can help.  We provide specialist change teams to solve the problems that you don’t have every day. We’ll be honest with you, advising where we can help and when other options are better.

We’re not like the big consulting firms (or contractors)

Traditional consultants "land and expand”, they employ full time people who they “sell in” to your organisation.
Contractors “delay and extend”, they’re not incentivised to deliver or be team players.
Handpicked Society specialists work in teams.  They are self leading and are incentivised to deliver results.
We’re an existing network and we’re friends, we learn from each other.

We’re change specialists

We've worked extensively in industry and consultancy.  We’ve spent our careers developing change capabilities, building highly capable teams and producing results.
We're grounded in change methodology, we’re not wedded to it.
What’s common is our ability to solve problems, work in teams, make a difference, and deliver change.

We’re focused on results

Our aim is to deliver for you, then move to the next challenge.  That's what keeps us fresh and helps us to learn and grow.
We already work together, so our concentration is on our client from day one.  We get the job done, allowing you to focus on running your business.
We think you'll enjoy working with us.