Amy King celebrating with other Handpicked Society members

Amy King celebrating with other Handpicked Society members

Meet Amy King

She’s a business psychologist, recruitment expert and Handpicked Society member. She has a track record of driving business outcomes through talent. She has worked with global FTSE 100 organisations and household names such as Boots, Sky, Primark, Lloyds Bank, O2, Diageo, SAP and Experian.  

What projects do you work on with Handpicked Society?

I work with organisations who want to improve their business results by driving change. I am involved in projects like recruitment process design, driving behavioural change, developing leaders and strategic decision-making, or looking at wellbeing and culture solutions. Much of my work has involved successfully managing change, building and co-ordinating teams to deliver large-scale programmes of work.

What drives you?

I’m passionate about bringing positive change, challenge and disruption to the way in which organisations work, drawing on my experience and passion for psychology, people and technology. I want to lead a change towards creating a more caring world of work, where people can feel and be their best.

How did your relationship with Handpicked Society start? 

I had decided to leave my job and take some time to consider what I wanted to do next. It is important to me to find something I can truly believe in and be passionate about, so I wasn't willing to just rush in to any old job. I was in the process of exploring freelancing when someone I knew introduced me to Handpicked Society. I remember speaking to Preyal and hearing about the values and why Handpicked Society was different. It was at that point I made the decision to jump in and get involved in some amazing work. Handpicked is a brilliant community of people to be part of and I've loved the fact I've worked on a huge variety of major projects.

You also run a technology company. Can you tell us more about it?

In 2018 I co-founded a company called People Matter. It’s a wellness technology company that measures risks to burnout and mental wellness at work. We are developing an app that uses a blend of behavioural science, technology and machine learning that will help individuals measure and improve their mental wellness and give organisations cultural insights into how their working environment is impacting mental wellness.

It’s an incredibly exciting journey pursuing something I’m immensely passionate about. I’m also finding that having the perspective of a business owner is helping me add value to the work I do as part of Handpicked Society. 

Do you manage to squeeze in time for yourself?

Yes, you have to. I absolutely love and am obsessed with yoga these days! That, and cooking, going for long walks and going to the beach.